Andy Sawyer is librarian of the Science Fiction Foundation Collection at the University of Liverpool Library, Course Director of the MA in Science Fiction Studies offered by the School of English, and a widely-published critic; essays by him have appeared in the Routledge Companion to Science Fiction, the Blackwell’s Guide to Science Fiction, and has recently published on John Wyndham, Terry Pratchett, and the Liverpool horror writer Ramsey Campbell. He is Reviews Editor of Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction. He most recently co-edited (with David Ketterer) Plan for Chaos, a previously-unpublished novel by John Wyndham. He is the 2008 recipient of the Clareson Award for services to science fiction. [br] 安迪·索耶是利物浦大学图书馆科幻基地特藏管理员,该校英文学院科幻研究硕士班课程主任,同时也是一位著述颇丰的批评家,《劳特里奇科幻指南》和《布莱克维尔科幻导读》选入了他的文章。索耶最近发表了对约翰·温德姆、特里·普拉切特和利物浦恐怖小说作家拉姆齐·坎贝尔的评论。他还是《基地:国际科幻评论》的评论编辑。他最近和大卫·基特拉合作编辑了以前从未出版的约翰·温德姆小说《混沌计划》。2008年,索耶荣获克莱尔森科幻贡献奖。

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