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[SFRA-L] SFFTV – special issue on world sf film and television: Deadline Sept 2013

2012-04-19 11:11 | Category: unclassified |

Science Fiction Film and Television ( is seeking articles for a special issue in on world sf cinema and television.


Although excluding the US from discussions of world cinema and television creates a problematic opposition(ality), we are seeking critical help me with my homework work on sf from other national/transnational, and especially non-Anglophone, contexts, both historical and contemporary.


We are particularly, but not exclusively, interested in work which introduces and/or offers fresh insights

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into specific national cinemas/televisions, or which reconceptualises sf by relativising US/First Cinema variants as culturally-specific approaches rather than generic norms, or which addresses the following:

· globalisation

· transnationalism

· imperialism, neo-imperialism, post-imperialism

· colonialism, decolonisation, neo-colonialism, post-colonialism

· sf from the Third World/Developing World/Global South


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indigenous, Fourth World and Fourth Cinema sf

· the subaltern

· nationhood, national identity, regional identity

· race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality

· global networks, informational black holes

· borders, borderlands


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homelands, migrations, diasporas

· national, international or transnational contexts of production, distribution or consumption

· specific production cycles


Submissions should be made via our website at


Any queries should be directed to the editors, Mark Bould ( and Sherryl Vint (


The deadline for submission to this

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special issue is September 1 2013.

重庆人。上海华东师范大学文学学士,北京师范大学文学硕士(中国现当代文学专业),即将成为北京师范大学文学院博士生。从小爱好科幻。本科期间开始进行晚清科幻小说研究,撰写多篇论文。硕士毕业论文《1902-1912:“科学小说”命名及其背后的意义》从发生学的角度对晚清“科学小说”进行了全面系统地梳理。 学术兴趣:晚清文学、中国科幻文学、科幻文学与文化等等。

Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Beijing Normal University. M.A. in Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature (BNU, 2010). BA in Chinese Literature (East China Normal University, 2007). She is a big sci-fi fan. She began to research on late Qing science fiction since she was a college student at ECNU. Her master’s thesis is "1902-1912: Naming of ‘Scientific Romance’ and the Meaning Behind." It sorted out late Qing scientific romance from a generic point of view. Academic interests: late Qing literature, Chinese science fiction, world science fiction and culture.

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