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Chinese Science Fiction Newsletter: September 2010

2010-09-21 9:09 | Category: news and reports |

Liu Cixin Completes Three Body III: Death Everlasting

The Three Body trilogy is now complete, a monumental masterpiece of Chinese science fiction, clocking in at a total length of 880,000 characters. Writing the third volume, 360,000 characters in length, took Liu Cixin roughly a year. The publisher has revealed that Three Body III will be released in November at the earliest. Beginning on September 15, samples began to be released online and will eventually make up an excerpt of 10,000 characters.

Publication Finally Comes For SF Studies

World Chinese Science Fiction Association president Wu Yan said that early November will see the publication of five works of foreign science fiction studies. These will include Trillion Year Spree, Metamorphoses of Science Fiction, and Asimov on Science Fiction, all titles that readers have been eagerly awaiting but which for various reasons have been buried in the translators’ drawers for close to four years. Now they can finally see the light of day.

Literary Journal First Publishes Text of Speeches by SF Authors

The September, 2010 issue of Shanghai Literature published pieces by canadian pharmacy online Fei Dao (“A Lonely Ambush: The Image of China in 21st Century Chinese Science Fiction”) and Han Song (“The Art of Self-Mockery: Some Characteristics of Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction”), which the two SF authors had presented at the International Conference on Literature in the First Decade of the 21st Century: Present and Future held in July.

Chinese SF Goes Back to Italy

Yao Haijun, vice-president of the World Chinese Science Fiction Association, revealed that the Italian-language Selected Chinese Science Fiction will be published in Italy in November. The volume will include nine representative works by Chinese authors. This is another success for Science Fiction World’s “Overseas Promotion Plan for Chinese Science Fiction Authors.”

WCSFA Pushes Publishing

Not ten days after the inaugural meeting of the World Chinese Science Fiction Association and the first XINGYUN awards ceremony, the WCSFA signed a publication agreement for Selected Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction, an anthology of stories by authors new and old. The book represents a breakthrough in that its works will be drawn from Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as the mainland in order to form a review of Chinese science fiction in the 21st century. The book aims for a year-end publication date, a season that will also see the publication of Romantic Journeys, a series of critical biographies md in canada after pharmacy of mainland SF authors and editors, as well as Liu Cixin’s latest, Three Body III.

“Chinese SF Industry Development” An Official Research Topic

Not long after the 3-21 affair (the impeachment of Science Fiction World’s director by its editorial staff), the Department of Policy Studies and Publicity of the China Association of Science and Technology brought together individuals involved in science fiction for a forum on the science fiction industry at which “Chinese Science Fiction Industry Development” was approved as a research topic. The Sichuan Association of Science and Technology will spearhead the organization of academic

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and professional participation. This may be the most systematic officially-organized study of science fiction as an industry canadianpharmacy4bestlife and promises to be both important and forward-looking.

King of Science Fiction to be Renamed New Science Fiction

Founded in 1996, King of Science Fiction will be redesigned next year, splitting into two editions under the title New Science Fiction: a literature edition online pharmacy and a digest edition. The official King of Science Fiction contains two promotional posters concerning the redesign.

Young SF Authors Attend Convention in Japan

Young Chinese science fiction authors including, Xia Jia and Liang Qingsan, attended the 49th Nihon SF Taikai, “TOKON 10,” held in Tokyo. Their presentations and explanation of the developments in Chinese SF over the past few years were praised by the other attendees. This was the first time that young SF authors have organized and taken part in an exchange between the Chinese and Japanese science fiction worlds.

Chinese 3D Animation Screened at Venice

Avatar and How to Train Your Dragon were honored at the Venice Film Festival’s Persol 3-D Award ceremony held at the Sala Perla on the evening of September 10, local time.

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Following the conclusion of the ceremony, Chinese director Zhang Yuan’s eleven-minute 3D film Space Guy was shown as one of the finale film of the Persol 3-D Awards. Space Guy was also part of the red-carpet segment of the evening’s program, with Zhang Yuan, who voiced the part of Daddy Dog, introducing the film’s writer and producer, Li Xinyun.

SF Cinema: A “wide gap” Between Professionals and Indies

The science fiction film City Under Siege has sold more than 90 million RMB in tickets and is likely to break Chinese-language SF film box office records, yet voices of dissatisfaction have still been heard. Previous high-budget Chinese-language SF like Kung-Fu Cyborg and Future X-Cops were box-office disappointments. A refreshing contrast is the online fervor over a SF film written and directed independently by post-90s SF fan Shen Lin. Mission: Middle School #1 is an 80-minute long film divided into two parts, and Shen himself plays the lead. Local websites recorded interviews with Shen and the creative team. In other news, Qin Zheng, a science fiction writer best known for his digital video series Beihang Anxiety, recently released a red/blue 3D preview of Beihang Anxiety II.

Ed. Bing

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Li, Dongmei Ren, & Guangyi Li, Trans. Joel Martinsen


















意大利当地时间9月10日晚,威尼斯电影节“3D电影大奖”颁奖典礼在珍珠影院(Sala Perla)举行,《阿凡达》和《驯龙高手》最终获得该奖。颁奖仪式结束后,中国导演张元的11分钟3D动画短片《太空侠》作为“3D电影大奖”颁奖典礼的压轴片之一上映。《太空侠》参加了当晚的红地毯仪式,电影中狗爸爸的配音演员就是张元本人,张元还向大家介绍了影片的制片人和编剧李昕芸。



编辑:李兵、任冬梅、李广益 翻译: Joel Martinsen



Guangyi Li, Associate Professor of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (IAS) at Chongqing University. B.A. Peking University (2004), M.A. Tsinghua University (2007), Ph.D. UCLA (2013). Former president of the Science Fiction Association of Peking University (SFAPU). Academic interests include modern and contemporary Chinese literature, history of Chinese thought, science fiction literature and culture, utopian literature and thought.

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