A new anthology of international fantastic literature (Italy, China, Japan, Singapore) was published in Italy on Friday, Feb 11th. It has included three Chinese scifi stories: “La tomba” by Qiufan Chen (“坟”,陈楸帆), “La fine del mondo” by Fei Dao (“一个末世的故事”,飞氘), “La citta” eterne” by Haitian Pan (“永恒之城”, 潘海天). ALIA storie (ALIA6) Edited by: Massimo Soumaré, [...]
In the beginning of August, an article at ifeng.com entitled “In two generations will we finally be able to make our own SF film?” faced the question of domestic SF film production quality head on, inviting four SF film and fiction aficionados to give a diagnosis.
In July, Wenweipo newspaper published an article confirming that North American SF publisher Tor will be releasing “this presses’ first English translation of a Chinese SF novel,” -- Liu Cixin’s Three Body series.
A conference about global science fiction held at Wellesley College.
As the editor of this special issue of Renditions, I am pleased to announce the publication of“Chinese Science Fiction: Late Qing and the Contemporary.”
On behalf of Mr. Yan Wu, I am pleased to tell you, we confirmed with science fiction writers that everybody was safe after the heavy rain on July 21. Recently, we have received plenty Of advice following decided cialis 20 mg smudging non-prescription were http://www.beachgrown.com/idh/canada-prescription-drugs.php good are could too. Target online pharmacies See This might [...]
On March 30, 2012,a strategic partnership was established between SF World magazine and the World Chinese SF Association.
It was not by chance for us to be the first publisher of translating Liu Cixin’s works into English, but a continus pursue of the company to bring the best Chinese fictions. I guess most of the members in this forum already read his novels in Chinese. Discussions about if the author can be as [...]
——by Odo, independent Spainish book reviewer Resource: http://sentidodelamaravilla.blogspot.com.es/2012/05/interview-with-verbena-cw-editor-of-liu.html Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Verbena C.W., editor-in-chief of Beijing Guomi Digital Technology, a company that is translating into English and publishing works by Liu Cixin and other Chinese authors. We talk at length about fiction in China and the company plans for the future. [...]
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